In 1996 with the release of “The Beatles Anthology” I was glued to the radio in those evenings while the show was aired.  Being born in 1961 I had missed the mania of the early Beatle days, and while I have memories of hearing later Beatles’ tunes on the radio in the late 60s, I had missed the experience of hearing on the radio for the first time any “new” Beatles’ release.

“Not this time,” I told myself!  And so I was tuned in, sitting the car, to the local station that was airing “Free As a Bird” and “Real Love” for the first time.  This morning at 9:09 EDT was a similar sort of feeling, sitting in my car listening to the radio – different type of radio this time – waiting for the Sirius/XM Beatles’ Channel to go live.

The moment was not a let down.  The two remaining living Beatles greeted us all and “All You Need Is Love” followed.  Yes, the Beatles are still with us, and as relevant as ever.


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