I’m too young to remember the Beatles invading America now they are invading my radio with a Beatles station. I was born in 1967. I have two older brothers though that are huge Beatles fans and they raised me on their music. One of them gave me the Red and Blue albums on CD for a birthday present one year. True brotherly love. So, I was late to work this morning so I could listen to Sirius/XM launch the Beatles Channel 18! I wasn’t going to miss this first for the greatest band of all time.

I have been wondering what the music minds at Sirius/XM would do for the Beatles Channel. What a catalog of music to work with. I thought the launch was cool with the clip with the 9:09 AM comment from Paul. I loved that the first song was “All you Need is Love” because that is so true. Enjoying the comments from other musicians about how the Beatles are important to them and the music that influenced the Beatles too. I can’t wait for them to play a concert replay!

I usually have my radio turned to Radio Margaritaville so Jimmy is going to have some tough competition for what is playing on my radio!

Stay tuned for updates from our Lads and some of their friends on their thoughts of the new channel!

-Web Laddie

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