Charlie – The “Pete Best” Lad of the BeatLads

One of the younger, although former, members of the BeatLads is Charles Ardovino. A lifelong resident of the Birmingham area, Charlie grew up a music fan. His preferences were more in the lines of KISS, The Police and Peter Frampton. However, “Chuck” as his friends call him, did not go uninspired by the Fab Four. His first Beatle memory is that of listening to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and thinking that “it was a cool song.” Chuck also sported a mop top for most of his formative years.

Chuck was introduced to the drums by his older brother Louis. At the tender age of 14 he discovered that he had a knack for it. “I don’t consider myself a musician”, says Chuck, “I just keep the beat and have fun with it.” Although hampered by the lack of a drum set after his brother moved out of the house, Chuck never let his love for the drums die. Inspired by Stewart Copeland of The Police, he continued to play whenever he had the chance. Finally, around 1999, Chuck invested in his first drum set, a Sonar Jungle kit, which became the center piece for the Spreetles. Proving the old adage that “size does matter” it wasn’t long before he upgraded to the Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit which made its debut at Dave’s Basement and Camp Sumatanga when the BeatLads performed live for the first time.

Chuck was in the right place at the right time for the start of the BeatLads. A co-worker of Jamie (aka Paul) he was persuaded to don the role of Ringo for the Spreetles band. Despite being slightly apprehensive, he was then convinced to continue his role for Camp Sumatanga. “Playing in front of a live audience was the best gig I ever had” states Chuck (who by this time was known as Dingo by the Beatlads’ inner circle). Chuck only performed with the BeatLads one more time before scheduling conflicts (a Blue Angels air show and a free trip to the beach) prevented him from pursuing his role as the BeatLads drummer.

Recently married, Chuck is still alive and kicking. Aside from his lovely bride, he has two other loves in his life now: a salt water aquarium and KISS. Chuck can usually be spotted around Halloween dressed up as Paul Stanley. He along with friend Mike Haley have become a Birmingham tradition as they accurately portray Paul and Gene from the band KISS. The two are available for parties, bar mitzvahs, garage sales, etc. When asked if he begrudges the success of the current BeatLads band members, Chuck says, “a little”. However, he knows that without him, the BeatLads wouldn’t be where they are today. Chuck would like to add that he does have a very nice European cut Beatle wig for sale at a very good price.

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