The history of the BeatLads mirrors that of the original Fab Four in several ways. Lawton Higgs and Jamie Glass (“John” and “Paul”) were the first of the four “Lads” to combine their musical talents. As co-directors of a Jr. High week at Methodist Camp Sumatanga, the two entertained “the masses” with their renditions of several Beatles’ songs. One fateful summer the two embarked on an endeavor to broaden their love for Beatles music by mixing it with their warped sense of humor. The resulting creation was a parody band called “The Spreetles”. The talents of Gardner Mosley (lead guitar) and Charles “Dingo” Ardovino (drums) were enlisted to complete the band. The “Spreetles” never performed live but did record three songs: “Packet of Spree” (Ticket to Ride), “Eight Spree a Week” (Eight Days a Week) and “Can’t Buy a Spree” (Can’t Buy Me Love). Although commercial endorsements didn’t follow, there was a camp T-shirt with the band’s fictitious set list, which is worth hundreds of pesos today.

BeatLads performing

What did follow was a performance by Lawton and Jamie (as “John and Paul”) at the adult MR camp at Camp Sumatanga later that summer. When questioned as to the absence of the other two members of the band it was decided that the group needed to be re-assembled. The following summer, the skills of Dingo were re-employed and this time Dave “Flash” Wandrisco was brought in to play lead guitar. The band played two sets to the zealous (if somewhat confused) crowd and that was all it took to light the fire. Following that gig, the group was asked to perform at several charity functions. Dingo had conflicts with two of the events so he was replaced with Lawton’s brother, Kevin Higgs. Kevin soon became the permanent drummer as Dingo graciously bowed out. Flash was replaced with Daryl Hardy on lead guitar and the band’s current line-up was set. With the on-stage talent in place the need for a soundman became evident, and Brian Westbrook was brought on as the last (but my no means least) piece of The BeatLads team. All five of the “Lads” are life-long fans of the music John, Paul, George, and Ringo. This love for the Beatles’ music is more than obvious in the energetic, lively “Fab” 60’s rockin’ experience that the BeatLads will bring to you.

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